About Baltic Summit 2024

Join us at the Baltic Summit 2024, second edition of the remarkable event organized by the vibrant community of Microsoft enthusiasts, with a special focus on Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Business Applications. This free event presents an exceptional opportunity for business owners, decision- makers, professionals, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest trends and best practices in business process improvements, automation, and change management.

Why to attend?

  • Unveil the Latest Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the cutting-edge developments in the Power Platform, Business Applications, and Business Analytics domain.
  • Learn from the Experts: Gain invaluable insights from MVPs, MCTs, seasoned practitioners and industry experts who have successfully harnessed the power of Microsoft solutions to drive business growth.
  • Network and Collaborate: Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and discover potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Transform Your Business: Elevate your business to new heights with the potential of the Power Platform. Embrace the role of a low-code/no-code developer to accelerate your career path.

How to get there?

Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN) is the nearest international airport to Gdynia.

🚂 Gdynia Redłowo railway station is the nearest train station

🚗 PPNT offers ample parking spaces for event attendees.

Where to sleep?

Seeking a serene coastal experience in Gdynia or want to explore the historical old town of Gdansk, there is a lot of hotels available.

Food at the conference

No need to worry about hunger or thirst!
We'll keep you energized and fueled throughout the day with complimentary drinks and a delicious lunch.

Dynamics 365, Business Applications

Exhilarating dive into the world of intelligent business solutions. Discover how Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with the Power Platform to revolutionize your organization's operations and drive unparalleled growth.

Learn how to tailor Dynamics 365 to fit your unique business needs, and witness the magic of automation using Power Automate. Empower your team to work smarter, not harder.

Power Platform

Dive deep into the world of low-code/no-code development, automation, and data analytics. Explore the limitless potential of building custom apps, automating workflows, and gaining valuable insights with Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Discover best practices on how to integrate the Power Platform with other Microsoft services such as Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.


Analytics and Data Visualization with Power BI

Delve deep into the realm of advanced analytics and dynamic data visualization with Power BI. Uncover the power of harnessing data to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions. Learn to leverage the capabilities of Power BI to transform raw data into compelling visualizations, enabling you to spot trends, identify patterns, and extract valuable business intelligence.

Discover advanced techniques for data modeling, analysis, and visualization, and explore how Power BI seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft services, such as Azure and Dynamics 365, to unlock even greater potential. Join us to elevate your analytical skills and drive impactful business outcomes through the power of data-driven insights.

Amplifying Diversity & Inclusion, Career & Personal Growth, and Change Management

Embark on a transformative journey embracing diversity, inclusion, and personal growth alongside effective change management strategies. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and practical insights aimed at fostering a more inclusive and diverse community while navigating the challenges of organizational transformation. Explore topics ranging from mental health for IT professionals, overcoming imposter syndrome, to amplifying diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Seamlessly integrate essential strategies for personal and career growth with effective change management practices, driving a positive impact on both yourself and the broader community. Join us in harnessing the power of diversity, inclusion, and change management to cultivate a thriving environment of innovation and growth.

Speaking at the Baltic Summit 2024 conference is a great opportunity for the speaker to showcase their expertise, network with other professionals, and learn from the best practices in the industry. The speaker can also gain exposure and recognition for their work, as well as feedback and insights from the audience. The Baltic Summit 2024 conference is a prestigious event that attracts attendees from various sectors and backgrounds, who are interested in learning how to leverage the power of data, analytics, and automation. By speaking at the conference, the speaker can demonstrate their thought leadership and influence in their field, and potentially create new collaborations and partnerships.

By supporting Baltic Summit 2024, your company will have the opportunity to:

  1. Promote Your Brand: Collaboration with the event will increase your visibility and promote your brand among executives, industry specialists, and potential customers.
  2. Build Business Relationships: Baltic Summit 2024 provides an excellent platform for establishing new business partnerships, exchanging insights with industry leaders, and meeting potential clients and contractors.
  3. Showcase Your Expertise: Baltic Summit 2024 offers your company a platform to showcase its expertise and thought leadership within the Microsoft Power Platform landscape. Whether through keynote presentations, workshops, or panel discussions, you can share valuable insights, success stories, and innovative approaches, positioning your brand as a trusted authority and knowledge resource.
  4. Attract Top Talent: Baltic Summit 2024 attracts a wide range of talented individuals interested in Microsoft Power Platform and related technologies. As a sponsor, you will have the chance to showcase your company's workplace culture, career opportunities, and cutting-edge projects to potential new employees actively seeking career advancements within this domain. By presenting your organization as an industry leader, you will position yourself as an attractive employer within this vibrant community.
  5. Contribute to the Community: Through sponsorship, your company will demonstrate its commitment to the development of the Microsoft Power Platform community and the pursuit of knowledge and skills.

Volunteering at the Baltic Summit 2024 conference, is a great opportunity to learn, network and contribute to the community. As a volunteer, you will have access to the sessions, workshops and keynotes from leading experts in the field of data, analytics and business intelligence. You will also meet and interact with other professionals and enthusiasts who share your passion for the Power Platform. By helping with the organization and logistics of the event, you will gain valuable experience and skills that can boost your career and personal development.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.